R. Ill. Comp John C. Jacobson

District Grand Master

Grand Council

Grand Master


Most Illustrious Companion 

Kessick John Jones


Deputy Grand Master

Right Illustrious Companion

His Hon, Ian Douglas Gavin Alexander QC


Grand Principal Conductor of the Work

Right Illustrious Companion Lt. Col. John Craven Chambers




The Royal and Select Masters Degree is governed by the Grand Council of Royal & Select Masters of England, Wales and its Districts and Councils overseas. The Grand Council was set up in 1873 under a Charter issued earlier by the Grand Council of New York, and is administered from Mark Masons’ Hall, 86, St James’s Street, London SW1A 1PL.



Membership is open to all Mark Master Masons who are also Holy Royal Arch Masons, as the Order forms the link between these two Degrees.



The regalia is a unique triangular Apron and a Breast Jewel. There are a total of four Degrees within the Order of Royal & Select Masters, sometimes known as the Cryptic Degrees.



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Grand Council meets on the third Tuesday of April.


More information on the Grand Council can be found on the GLMMM website